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CPLEX     CSP     Calculus of variations
Capacity expansion     Capital budgeting problem     Caratheodory conditions
Caterer problem     Cauchy-Schwarz inequality     Ceiling
Central path     Certainty equivalent     Certificate
Chance constraint     Character of solution     Characteristic cone
Chemical equilibrium problem     Chinese postman problem     Chinese remainder theorem
Cholesky factorization     Chvatal cut     Chvatal function
Closed form solution     Closed function     Closed map
Closed set     Closure condition     Coercive function
Column generation     Combinatorial program     Compact formulation
Compact set     Compatibility theory     Complementarity condition
Complementarity problem     Complementary slackness     Complementary variables
Complexity     Complicating variables     Component
Composite concave program     Composite function     Concave function
Condition number     Cone     Cone of optimality
Conic program     Conjugate directions     Conjugate duality
Conjugate function     Conjugate gradient method     Conjugate vectors
Conjunctive normal form     Connected network     Consistency
Consistent     Constraint     Constraint graph
Constraint optimization problem     Constraint programming     Constraint propagation
Constraint propagator     Constraint qualification     Constraint satisfaction problem
Constraint solver     Continuous program     Contour
Contraction map     Convergence     Convex combination
Convex cost flow problem     Convex function     Convex hull
Convex program     Convex set     Convex simplex method
Convexity cut     Corner polyhedron problem     Correlation matrix
Cost of captial     Covering problem     Cramer rule
Crash     Criss-cross method     Critical path
Critical point     Crossover operation     Cumulative constraint
Cut search     Cutset     Cutting plane
Cutting stock problem     Cyclic descent     Cycling
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