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P-matrix     Packing problem     Parallel algorithm
Parallel tangents     Parameter     Parametric analysis
Parametric programming     Pareto optimum     Partial conjugate gradient method
Partial quasi-Newton method     Partial solution     Partially ordered set
Particle Swarm Optimization     Partitioning problem     Path
Path consistency     Path following     Pattern search
Penalty function     Perturbation     Phase I and Phase II
Pivot     Pivot selection     Point-to-set map
Pointed cone     Polar cone     Policy iteration
Polyhedral annexation     Polyhedral annexation problem     Polyhedron
Polymatroid     Polytope     Pooling of inventory
Pooling problem     Portfolio selection problem     Positive definite matrix
Positive semi-definite matrix     Postman problem     Posynomial
Pre-processing     Precedence constraint     Preconditioning
Predictor-corrector algorithm     Presolve     Pricing
Primal degeneracy     Primal method     Primal program
Prime representation     Principle of optimality     Problems
Product form of basis     Product mix problem     Production scheduling problem
Projected gradient method     Propagation     Proper optimum
Pseudo-boolean function     Pseudo-boolean program     Pseudo-inverse
Pseudo-monotone function     Pseudoconcave function     Pseudoconvex function
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