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General Information

How to Contribute to the Mathematical Programming Glossary

  • Give the Chief Editor a short correction or comment. Your input benefits the community that uses the glossary.
  • Give the Chief Editor a substantive addition. If it is added, you will be listed in the acknowledgements.
  • Give the Chief Editor a supplement (pdf, postscript, or html). If accepted, you will be acknowledged and people will have access to your supplement (showing you as author).

We are open to other contributions and welcome suggestions. All changes are subject to review by the editor before being implemented.

How to Cite the Mathematical Programming Glossary

The overall glossary can be cited as follows:

J. Sauppe, editor. Mathematical Programming Glossary. INFORMS Computing Society, http://glossary.computing.society.informs.org/, 2006-18. Originally authored by Harvey J. Greenberg, 1999-2006.

A bibtex entry for this citation is

  editor = {J. Sauppe},
  title = {Mathematical Programming Glossary},
  publisher = {INFORMS Computing Society},
  address = {\url{http://glossary.computing.society.informs.org}},
  year = {2006--18},
  note = {Originally authored by Harvey J. Greenberg, 1999-2006.},

A date range is used because the Glossary is a "dynamic document".

Supplementary notes can be cited like:

H.J. Greenberg. Wolfe’s example and the zigzag phenomenon. In J. Sauppe, editor, Mathematical Programming Glossary, http://glossary.computing.society.informs.org/notes/wolfe.pdf, 1996. INFORMS Computing Society.

with corresponding bibtex entry:

  author = {H.J. Greenberg},
  booktitle = {Mathematical Programming Glossary},
  title = {Wolfe's Example and the Zigzag Phenomenon},
  editor = {J. Sauppe},
  publisher = {INFORMS Computing Society},
  address = {\url{http://glossary.computing.society.informs.org/notes/wolfe.pdf}},
  year = {1996},
  type = {Supplement},

You can obtain the direct URL that will be in the citation by going to the appropriate Glossary Supplement.

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